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November 4, 2014


Maybe we should change the name of our city

I propose that we rename Issaquah “Developerville.”

It seems our city government gives the developers anything they want.

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Recycle with purpose at electronics’ event

September 23, 2014

Windermere Real Estate teams up with 1 Green Planet to host its inaugural electronics recycling event from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 27 at its Issaquah office, 1810 15th Place N.W.

“A lot of people aren’t sure where to take their electronics, big appliances, motorcycles, barbecues and a number of others things to properly get rid of them, so we are providing them with the opportunity,” Erin Etchemendy, Windermere sales and listing coordinator, said. “We also really want to give 1 Green Planet the chance to get their name out there so people know where to go in the future.”

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Think green with Eastside gardening program

August 12, 2014

NEW — 9 a.m. Aug. 12, 2014

Dust off the gardening gloves and keep those dinner scraps as you learn how to transform food and yard waste into compost and get tips to safely eliminate garden pests in the Master Recycler Composter-Eastside program.

Applications, available here, are due by 5 p.m. Aug. 15.

Email your completed application to Maren Neldam at with the subject line MRC Eastside Application.

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Retirement community recognized for waste reduction efforts

July 29, 2014

King County’s Solid Waste Division recently honored Spiritwood at Pine Lake for adopting business practices that reduce waste and increase recycling, naming them one of their Best Workplaces for Waste Prevention and Recycling for 2014.

Spiritwood implemented recycling and composting throughout its community in which both residents and staff actively participated to reduce their carbon footprint. The program has been successful in reducing their garbage waste by half.

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Liberty PTSA hosts recycling drive June 7

June 3, 2014

NEW — 6 a.m. June 3, 2014

Local residents can donate unwanted items at the Liberty High School PTSA electronics recycling drive from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 7 at Renton Technical College, 3000 N.E. Fourth St., Renton.

Accepted items include working and broken electronics, appliances, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, batteries, fitness equipment, medical equipment, lawnmowers and barbecues. Computers, laptops, printers, scanners and other computer parts are also accepted.

Recycling is free, but a suggested donation of at least $10 is encouraged. The money raised will go toward senior events for the Liberty class of 2016.

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PC Fix hosts recycling, food donation event

June 2, 2014

NEW — 6 a.m. June 2, 2014

Box up your old computers and buy a few extra grocery items.

The PC Fix, in conjunction with One Green Planet, is hosting a recycling event from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 13 at its Issaquah location, 1320 N.W. Mall St.

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Issaquah schools win environmental award

May 20, 2014

The Issaquah School District was one of three districts in the state to earn a Washington State Green Leader Award in 2014.

Issaquah was recognized for reducing environmental impacts and costs through new programs. Examples include building stormwater retention ponds at schools to return cleaner water to aquifer systems; conserving water in irrigation practices; planting drought-resistant plants; and reducing idle times for buses to cut back on emissions.

The district has been tracking its monthly utility bills in recent years and has found energy consumption has decreased by 7.6 percent, even though its square footage has gone up nearly 30 percent.

Issaquah schools are recycling 49 percent of their materials, and they’ve reduced water usage by 40.4 percent since 2001.

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Liberty’s renovation is the talk of earth-friendly buildings

May 13, 2014

Liberty High School students are keenly aware their school is undergoing a major modernization project, but they might not know the intricate details about the new building’s environmental friendliness.

Liberty’s renovation was part of a large-scale discussion at the school last month when the school’s Sustainability Ambassadors hosted three assemblies about green-building practices.

The discussions, titled STAR Talks (Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating) were designed to give the student body a taste for what the new wave of building standards look like, particularly in regard to schools.

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Issaquah booster club hosts clothing drive through Saturday

April 30, 2014

NEW — Noon April 30, 2014

The Issaquah High School Booster Club will collect donations of used clothes and textiles at a Clothes for the Cause fundraiser April 30 to May 3.

Instead of throwing worn clothes in the trash, where they’ll simply sit in a landfill, bring them to Issaquah High School, where the booster club will ensure the textiles get a second life.

About 98 percent of the textiles collected will be repurposed or recycled.

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Recycled crayon business embodies Earth Day message

April 15, 2014

Local mom Regan Wong found a nifty way to repurpose the contents of that long forgotten box, tucked away in a closet, filled to the brim with broken, sometimes wrapperless crayons.

The vibrant coloring tools undoubtedly lived a life of usefulness at one point, but rather than letting them sit on a shelf reminiscing about the good old days of elementary school, or letting them rot in a landfill, Wong is turning them in to something environmentally friendly and beautiful.

Wacky Crayons takes used crayons, melts them down and, using food-grade molds, crafts new, multicolored drawing tools in various shapes and sizes.

Mike and Leah Wong, children of Wacky Crayons creator Regan Wong, lend a helping hand as they make the unconventional drawing tool in the family’s garage. At left, Wacky Crayons come in fully compostable packaging and include a variety of shapes, from flowers to the Millennium Falcon. Photos By Christina Corrales-Toy

Mike and Leah Wong, children of Wacky Crayons creator Regan Wong, lend a helping hand as they make the unconventional drawing tool in the family’s garage.
Photo contributed

“We didn’t invent this, but we’re sort of perfecting it along the way,” Wong said.

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