Robert Daniell Barnes Sr.

November 13, 2012

May 27, 1941 — Oct. 24, 2012

Robert Barnes Sr.

Bob was born in Atlanta, Ga., on May 27, 1941. He was the first of six children born to Walter and Katherine Barnes. As a young man, Bob enjoyed playing football, tinkering with automobiles and spending time with his grandfather Arthur, the last blacksmith in the state of Georgia.

Bob attended Georgia Tech and was recruited by the Lockheed Corp. in 1961, beginning his career in aeronautical engineering. In 1965, he met the love of his life, Frances Shattuck, on a train from Atlanta and Washington, D.C. They always laughed about who made the first move.

On Feb. 11, 1966, they married and had two sons, Robert and Shattuck. In 1972, Bob and Fran moved their young family to France for a job with Generale De Mecanique Aeronautique (a division of Dassault Aviation). Bob truly embraced the culture, becoming fluent in French and taking his family on weekend trips to Switzerland and Austria in their Citroen, a French family-style automobile.

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