Teacher layoffs reduced

May 26, 2009

Issaquah School District officials released a new budget May 20, which will likely enable them to rehire most of the 158 teachers given layoff notices at the beginning of the month. Read more

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Issaquah School District will recall most teachers who received layoff notices

May 20, 2009

NEW — 2 p.m. May 20, 2009

Issaquah School District Superintendent Steve Rasmussen said today some — and possibly all — of the 158 teachers marked for layoffs may be able to keep their jobs.

In a letter posted on the district Web site, Rasmussen said a worst-case scenario projected by the district would not likely come to pass. Instead of $10.5 million in cuts, the district stands to lose $7.3 million in state funding.

Rasmussen said the district expects to recall most teachers who received reduction in force notifications last month. The district will likely lose between 40 and 45 positions as a result of attrition, retirements and contracts that will not be continued.

Class sizes will also be increased by one student per classroom next year to help cut costs. The superintendent said principals would also be given more latitude to determine the best class size ratios and how to effectively use staff time.

“While significant, the reductions in state revenue — and our resulting reconciled district budget — will be considerably better than our worst-case scenario,” Rasmussen wrote.

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Teacher layoff count expected tonight

April 21, 2009

At the April 22 school board meeting, Issaquah School district officials will announce the number of teachers they expect to cut from the payroll. Read more

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Teacher layoffs imminent here

April 13, 2009

Although the state’s budget has yet to be reconciled, Issaquah School District officials are battening down the hatches and preparing for significant cuts, including teacher layoffs.

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Schools budget is a work in progress

February 24, 2009

With this year’s state budget deficit, district officials are keeping a close eye on their budget development process and are asking for community input. Read more

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Schools prepare for cuts

December 29, 2008

State impacts could be $2.3 million

More than $3.5 billion has been cut from the governor’s state budget for the 2009-11 biennium and schools are planning for cuts, even before the legislative session begins.

What school officials, teachers, families and education organizations have their eyes on are $610 million in cuts to public education; $682 million in elimination of pay increases to state employees, including teachers; and $216 million in cuts to higher education. Read more

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