Klahanie man is curling royalty

July 9, 2015

From the point of view of the average American, curling might seem a somewhat fringe sport. If it weren’t, Klahanie’s Tom Violette probably would be a certified superstar.

Violette has been part of any number of state and national championship teams, most recently helping bring home the gold in the World Senior Curling Championship held in Sochi, Russia.

CurlingChampSport 20150601A

By Tom Corrigan Tom Violette wears the jersey from the senior world champion curling team, showing off a few of the medals he has won in his long, successful curling career. The center medal is for the 2015 world championship.


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The 2014 Winter Olympics weren’t perfect, but they were great

February 25, 2014

NEW — 10:55 a.m. Feb. 25, 2014

#SochiProblems. That was how the 2014 Winter Olympics started, with Western bloggers griping about the lack of hospitality in Sochi, Russia.

Of course, complaining wasn’t enough; the bloggers rushed to Twitter, giving birth to the now-trending hashtag, #SochiProblems. Pictures of “peach juice,” multiple toilets in a bathroom stall and light bulbs as door handles popped up on the Internet, all amusing and lighthearted…at the time.

Noela Lu  Skyline High School

Noela Lu
Skyline High School

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