Issaquah residents: Ready, set, speak!

April 15, 2014

I hope you have opinions, citizens of Issaquah, because they could really come in handy.

The next few months seem yet again chock full of important decisions that the City Council will make. I have heard and reported repeatedly that they want public input on all matters that will impact the future of Issaquah. So, this is another message to encourage you to take them up on that.

Let’s think about what’s to come over the next several months. And, keep in mind, this is your government and you should you tell it what you think.

Peter Clark Press reporter

Peter Clark
Press reporter

While the City Council extended the marijuana moratorium, it expects the ban to lift in July. As the council continues to look at how a recreational marijuana business should operate in Issaquah, let it know how you feel.

Two public input meetings left the Park Board with a recommendation to build a new skate park in the Tibbetts Valley Park, across from the park & ride. How does that strike you?

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South Cove, Greenwood Point eye Issaquah water

April 8, 2014

Issaquah may soon provide water and sewer service to the South Cove and Greenwood Point neighborhoods.

Annexed into the city in 2006, the areas continued to receive utility service from Bellevue. Issaquah performed a study in 2013 and found the city could offer a lower combined water and sewer utility bill for the average customer. The city looks to take over services to the area from Bellevue.

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Klahanie annexation

December 31, 2013

Residents will vote again on unresolved issue

By Greg Farrar Mike Foss (left), a 13-year resident and vice president of the Brookshire Estates Homeowners Association, and association president Dick L’Heureux, a 27-year resident, recall their involvement in Klahanie’s 2005 annexation attempt into Issaquah.

By Greg Farrar
Mike Foss (left), a 13-year resident and vice president of the Brookshire Estates Homeowners Association, and association president Dick L’Heureux, a 27-year resident, recall their involvement in Klahanie’s 2005 annexation attempt into Issaquah.

On Feb. 11, Klahanie-area voters will decide whether to join the city of Issaquah.

A yes vote would expand the population of the city by one-third its current size. This will be the second vote regarding annexation in the past seven years.

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Give government the gift of good grief

December 10, 2013

Budget season ended last month. You missed it. You missed many graphs, many charts, many numbers, many questions and many answers. You also missed the opportunity to take part.

You know that saying, “If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain?” That should apply to civic action and education in general, especially regarding local government. If you don’t recognize the many ways the city tries to cultivate civic interaction, then you lose out on a chance to both learn how your tax dollars are spent and complain about how the council decides to spend them.

Peter Clark

Peter Clark

From social media alerts, two public hearings and five open work sessions, only one citizen stood up to speak. That’s pretty poor representation for Issaquah’s 31,000 residents.

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Speakers raise South Cove concerns at Transportation Improvement Program hearing

July 2, 2013

Thirty-five projects were on display at a June 17 public hearing to discuss the six-year Transportation Improvement Program.

Improvements to Northwest Lake Sammamish Road garnered all of the public comment as residents around South Cove asked for higher priority for pedestrians.

Road widening, intersection improvement and pedestrian corridors are included. The projects are staggered through 2019. The total cost of the projects is estimated at more than $384 million.

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City Council applicants offer varied skills

January 22, 2013

Members to appoint candidate Jan. 29

The applicants for a rare open seat on the City Council include long-established community leaders — and some candidates from the last time the council accepted applications to fill a vacancy.

The seven candidates offer assorted skills in community, government and military service in the process to succeed Mark Mullet on the council.

Initially, Ken Sessler, a retired Boeing engineer and a prolific letter writer to The Issaquah Press, applied for the vacancy, but withdrew not long after the city released the applicant list.

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King County garbage disposal fee hike starts Jan. 1

December 21, 2012

NEW — 10 a.m. Dec. 21, 2012

Residents can expect to pay more for garage pick-up, and to dump garbage at transfer stations and drop boxes, after Jan. 1, as King County seeks to modernize the aging solid waste system.

The average residential customer putting out a single container of garbage for curbside collection per week is likely pay about 57 cents per month more as garbage haulers cover the disposal fees.

Haulers, such as CleanScapes and Allied Waste, pass along the rate increase to customers.

The fee for bringing solid waste to a transfer station or drop box is poised to increase from $117.42 to $129.40 per ton, including tax and a moderate risk waste fee. The minimum fee is due to increase from $20 to $22, including tax and the fee.

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Issaquah Police Department to add patrol officer

December 11, 2012

Expect to see more police patrolling city streets next summer, after the City Council agreed to include dollars in the 2013 municipal budget for the Issaquah Police Department to hire another officer.

The council agreed in the $42 million general fund budget to hire another police officer and a part-time records staffer for the police department. The agency expects to fill both positions after July 1.

The general fund encompasses the dollars used to fund police and fire services, community development and planning, parks and recreation, and municipal government. The police department is the largest expense in the general fund — encompassing more than $8 million — followed by parks and recreation.

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Thanksgiving changes Issaquah garbage pick-up

November 20, 2012

Customers should not expect regular garbage service on Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day.

The haulers serving Issaquah do not collect garbage and recycling on the holiday. Instead, if a customer’s collection day falls on Thanksgiving, service is delayed one day.

So, for example, because Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, customers with garbage and recycling collection on Thursday receive Friday service the day after Thanksgiving, and Friday customers receive Saturday service after the holiday. The regular collection schedules resume Monday, Nov. 26.

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Customers could pay more for garbage pickup

October 16, 2012

The cost for garbage pickup in Issaquah and elsewhere in King County is expected to rise next year, after the King County Council approved a rate increase Sept. 24.

Under the updated rate structure, the cost for commercial vehicles, such as garbage trucks, to dump trash at county facilities is $120.17 per ton. The current rate, put in place in September 2011, is $109 per ton.

Haulers, such as CleanScapes and Allied Waste, pass along the rate increase to customers. So, the average customer putting out a single can for pickup can expect to pay about 65 cents more per month next year, although the exact increase depends on how haulers pass on the rate hike to consumers.

The rate is due to increase to $19.22 from $17.49 per load for residents hauling garbage to county transfer stations.

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