Studies abroad take Liberty High School sophomore to Sweden

January 29, 2013

Clarie Good, 15, a Liberty High School sophomore, experiences Sweden as part of a study-abroad program.

Clarie Good, 15, a Liberty High School sophomore, experiences Sweden as part of a study-abroad program. Contributed

Claire Good, 15, a sophomore at Liberty High School, spent fall far away from home, studying abroad at the International School of the Gothenburg Region in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Claire, who has always had dreams of traveling and studying abroad, was encouraged by her father Jerry Good, who has also traveled.

“Developing friendships at a young age with people in other countries, by living in their country, creates a lifetime of rich memories that remain vivid in your mind forever,” Jerry Good said.

In Gothenburg, Claire lived with her father’s friend from college, Håkan Nilsson, and his wife Ellen Boonprasit, who is Thai. Claire, who is half Thai herself, felt at home with the couple.

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Liberty student details differences between Sweden, United States

October 23, 2012

Veronica Austin
Liberty High School

Helena Frestadius Liberty High School

When asked what she misses most about Sweden, exchange student Helena Frestadius lists a deluge of delicacies — “my mom’s food,” she said, elaborating. “She makes meatballs, and she used to make these cinnamon rolls.”

Another longing? “Chocolate!”

Despite our comparatively bland food offerings, Helena has enjoyed her time in the United States thus far.

“You have everything in Target and Costco,” she said, surprised. “Everything is big here.”

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Vasa Camp offers lessons in Scandinavian culture

June 26, 2012

Eileen Little, Vasa Camp dance instructor (background left, in sunglasses) leads a group of young people in one of their activities. Contributed

More than 50 years ago, a tradition began in a park on Lake Sammamish. Today, Vasa Camp continues to offer lessons in Scandinavian culture to youth.

The camp started in the 1960s at the hands of Evelyn Nelson Norelius and May Johnson Bryan, both daughters of Swedish immigrants.

“They wanted the next generations to maintain some sort of connection with the Scandinavian heritage so it wouldn’t be lost,” Norelius said.

Along with Ginger Cox Grette and Cindy Bryan Stedman, Issaquah High School graduates like Norelius, the women continue the tradition of their ancestors. Like many other campers, Norelius and Stedman started as campers and then became counselors. Their children did too.

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Meet exchange students

March 23, 2010

Say YES to Morocco

By Rachel Osgood

Katie Cohen, a sophomore at Issaquah High School, recently returned from a semester abroad in Rabat, Morocco. Through the program Youth Exchange and Study, Cohen stayed with a host family and attended a Moroccan school.

“Morocco was one of the three countries the YES program offered, and it interested me because they spoke both French and Arabic,” Cohen said, “I attended a French-speaking school, which used the French system. There are two-hour lectures and then tests, no movies or worksheets like in American schools.”

Cohen discovered that education wasn’t the only cultural difference. Read more

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