Issaquah City Council adopts updated lake, creek shoreline plan

February 26, 2013

The Issaquah City Council voted unanimously Feb. 19 to adopt updated plans for land along Issaquah Creek and Lake Sammamish.

The updated Shoreline Master Program is designed to guide construction and development for 12 miles along the creek and the lake. The rules combine local plans for future development and preservation, plus recent development ordinances and related permitting requirements. The plan is meant to minimize environmental damage to shoreline areas.

Following a state mandate, the city has been working for several years to update its plan. More than a dozen public meetings on the matter took place between 2007 and Dec. 19, 2011, when the council approved the shoreline update. The plan was then sent to the state Department of Ecology, which reviewed the program and sent it back to the council Sept. 24, with requests for a few specific changes.

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