Future transit plans include bringing light rail to Issaquah

August 26, 2015

NEW — 4:20 p.m. Aug. 26, 2015

Visiting city after city and holding numerous public meetings, King County Metro and Sound Transit officials are working on long-range plans that might spell out the backbone of local mass transit through 2040.

In the case of Sound Transit, the planning process dubbed ST3 likely will lead the agency to placing a funding question on the ballot in November 2016.

Perhaps most noticeably for Eastsiders, Sound Transit’s plan might well include long-discussed light rail service to Issaquah, rail service that easily could impact other local communities, such as Sammamish.

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Sound Transit wants public input on long term plan

November 2, 2013

NEW — 9:29 a.m. Nov. 2, 2013

Sound Transit wants help to decide where regional transit services could expand after current voter-approved projects are complete in 2023.

The effort to update the region’s long-range plan will provide the vision for transit expansions many years into the future and the regional authority will host several public meetings to gather opinion.

Voters in Central Puget Sound approved the formation of Sound Transit to develop a high-capacity transportation system for our region, where about 40 percent of the state’s residents live. Updating the plan will address how to respond to rising demand and congestion as the regional population grows approximately 30 percent by 2035.

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