Mayor highlights latest crop of Heritage Trees

October 23, 2010

NEW — 6 a.m. Oct. 23, 2010

Mayor Ava Frisinger has designated a trio of landmark trees as Heritage Trees — a distinction meant to reflect the age, size, historic significance and ecological value of the plants.

The trees include the giant sequoia at Tibbetts Valley Park, the Empress Tree at Cornick Park and the Oregon white oak at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery.

City Park Board members developed the Heritage Tree Program to promote identification and recognition of trees that reflect the character of Issaquah. Every Heritage Tree is identified and recorded in a register maintained by the city Parks & Recreation Department.

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Press Editorial

May 11, 2010

Issaquah marked by achievers, volunteers

A Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award nominations, environmental awards, Tree City USA, scholars, top athletes, best Retirement City…. are there still awards Issaquah and its citizens have yet to receive? The recognitions come from near and far, locally and nationally — and they just keep coming. Read more

City earns Tree City USA honor again

May 4, 2010

Issaquah has been designated a Tree City USA for the 17th consecutive year. The honor from the Arbor Day Foundation recognizes cities dedicated to community forestry.

The foundation also bestowed a Tree City USA Growth Award because the city demonstrated a process in generating publicity for tree-preservation efforts, educating residents and managing the urban forest. The honor recognizes environmental improvement and higher levels of tree care in Tree City USA communities.

The city received the award last year as well.

Mayor Ava Frisinger proclaimed April 19 as Arbor Day in the city. City Open Space Steward Matt Mechler led a tree presentation for the municipal Park Board the following week.

Growing legacy: Issaquah reigns as Tree City USA

April 20, 2010

The mayor and city brass gathered to celebrate Arbor Day last April beneath dull gray skies — a bare, drab scene unlike the leafy canopy shading Issaquah streets in summertime.

City leaders and residents gather every spring to plant the official Arbor Day tree: a Burr oak near Gibson Hall last year, a crabapple at Grand Ridge Elementary School the year before. The annual ceremony serves as more than a photo opportunity.

Officials will mark Arbor Day indoors next week, with a presentation by city Open Space Steward Matt Mechler to the municipal Park Board.

Issaquah, designated as a Tree City USA for the past 16 years, is required to observe and proclaim Arbor Day to maintain the designation. Officials mark the day with a tree planting, and select a ceremonial tree for each occasion.

City Arborist Alan Haywood oversees the urban forest and ensures that Issaquah keeps the Tree City USA distinction — no small feat in a city where tree canopy covers 51 percent of the municipality.

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Plant trees to mark Arbor Day

April 6, 2009

A majestic Burr oak will be added to the Gibson Park landscape April 8, when city officials and volunteers gather to mark Arbor Day. Though the national holiday will be observed April 24, locals and Washingtonians will get a jumpstart on Arbor Day because early April is more conducive to planting in the Evergreen State. Read more

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