Set off on ‘Gill’-iver’s Travels to experience salmon migration

October 3, 2010

NEW — 6 a.m. Oct. 3, 2010

In addition to the Roving Fish Fan hunt at the Salmon Days Festival, the downtown Issaquah Salmon Hatchery features “Gill”-iver’s Travels — a chance for children and adults to assume the role of a migrating salmon.

(Trust us, nobody dies at the end of the journey.)

The experience starts at the entrance of the hatchery, 125 W. Sunset Way. Then, participants head to booths to answer questions about salmon, the environment and water quality. Show the passport to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife at the end of the journey to receive a fishy treat.

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Trout Unlimited casts for kokanee at Salmon Days

September 28, 2010

The Trout Unlimited Bellevue-Issaquah Chapter will have a booth at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery during Salmon Days.

The booth will display educational information about the chapter’s long-standing goal to conserve and restore runs of Issaquah’s heritage freshwater salmon, the kokanee.

Young kokanee will be displayed in an aquarium. Volunteers will be there to discuss the life history of kokanee, fry trapping for census information, habitat restoration, youth conservation education and sonic fish tagging with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Salmon Days kokanee T-shirts will be given for donations or new membership registrations in local organizations involved in saving Lake Sammamish kokanee.

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Off The Press

May 4, 2010

Elks poker players help raise funds for charities

David Hayes Press reporter

I’ve been playing poker now long enough and well enough that I could theoretically take the next step — go pro.

One problem is I never set aside my winnings in a separate poker bankroll account to fund entering other poker events. I usually end up spending it on regular activities, so I’m always starting over from square one.

The other problem is I enjoy where I’m playing now — the Elks Lodge. However, based on the declining numbers showing up at our poker leagues, fewer players are doing likewise. The biggest exodus of players is due quite literally to them moving out of town. We’ve lost others — one who decided to concentrate on family, one to natural causes and three because when one broke up with another, all three stopped showing.

I could take my money elsewhere and play in bigger events with bigger payouts. But casinos have a rake of all the action that they get to keep.

I prefer the Elks’ procedure — the rake they keep ends up going to charity.

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Former city biologist seeks conservation district seat

March 9, 2010

Kirk Prindle

Kirk Prindle, a former Issaquah city employee known for efforts to protect the dwindling Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon, seeks to re-enter the public sector next week with a King Conservation District post.

Voters in Issaquah and across most of King County will elect a new member to the conservation district board March 16. The district promotes sustainable use of natural resources, and provides information and voluntary technical-assistance programs to landowners.

Prindle seeks to join the five-member board tasked with running the district and awarding dozens of grants to Issaquah and other cities to fund environmental projects. Read more

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Environmentalists wait to learn fate of Lake Sammamish kokanee

February 23, 2010

Hans Berge, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks biologist, holds kokanee salmon retrieved from Lewis Creek during a restoration project. Contributed

Conservationists continue to await a decision by the federal government about the status of the dwindling Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon — years after rules required the federal government to act.

Environmentalists and local government officials estimate the population of adult kokanee at a few hundred. Before a species can receive protection under the Endangered Species Act, the animal or plant must be placed on the federal list of threatened endangered species.

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County Council urges protection for Lake Samm kokanee

July 7, 2009

Conservationists seeking to protect threatened Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon received a boost last week from King County leaders. Read more

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Trout Unlimited, others ‘tagging’ lake fish to better understand endangered salmon

June 16, 2009

Dallas Cross

Dallas Cross

Fish Journal

If you listen carefully with your head underwater or place a sonic microphone in Lake Sammamish, you might hear some clicking fading in and out.

No, it isn’t freshwater submarine sonar. The clicks are from acoustic tags emitting information from fish recently caught and released. Tagging was conducted by a task team led by the Bellevue-Issaquah chapter of Trout Unlimited working with the King County Department of Resources, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Save Lake Sammamish organization.

In a continuing effort to understand different life-cycle elements of the possibly endangered kokanee salmon-trout, Trout Unlimited volunteers and members of the public initiated a program to tag several fish species in the lake. Although partially supported by a grant, funds still are needed to complete the project. The local Trout Unlimited chapter has initiated an “Adopt a Kokanee” fund raising program described on its Web site, Read more

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Spawning Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon decline

February 2, 2009

Dallas Cross Dallas Cross

Fish Journal

A census of the number of remaining kokanee salmon on their way to spawning in creeks feeding Lake Sammamish has been announced.  The total number of spawning adult kokanee was 90, significantly less than the 147 counted last year and 713 counted two years ago.

The counts were made in the Lewis, Laughing Jacobs, Pine Lake and Ebright creeks, the last known spawning creeks for the remaining runs of the threatened species. Read more

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Preservation group honors local members

December 22, 2008

Several local people were given awards at the Dec. 10 Bellevue-Issaquah Chapter of Trout Unlimited annual awards banquet at the Issaquah Brew House.

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