Wanted: Issaquah-area residents bound for London Olympics

July 19, 2012

NEW — 4 p.m. July 19, 2012

London is prepared to welcome athletes, spectators and others from around the globe July 27, as the 2012 Summer Olympics open in the British capital.

Now, as the opening ceremony approaches, The Issaquah Press is seeking local ties to the Olympics for upcoming coverage, especially Issaquah School District residents headed to London for the games.

Email your contact information to editor@isspress.com, or contact the newspaper on Twitter at www.twitter.com/issaquahpress, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/issaquahpress.

The event is expected to host about 10,500 athletes competing in 302 events in 26 sports. Overall, 205 nations plan to send athletes to London. The games conclude Aug. 12.

Help Preston-based TalkingRain mark 25 years

July 3, 2012

Preston-based beverage company TalkingRain is celebrating 25 years in business by sending raindrop mascots to destinations and posting online videos to chronicle the adventures.

The company is marking other milestones alongside the anniversary. Sales recently jumped 300 percent. The brand Sparkling ICE earned the title of 2011 Food and Beverage Rising Star by SymphonyIRI, a market research company. TalkingRain products also scored successes in Canada, Japan, Korea and Mexico.

The celebration includes the mascots, Drip and Drop. The costumed characters pop up across the region and document the experiences in videos later posted online. TalkingRain is seeking ideas about where Drip and Drop should go to capture the character of Seattle and the Northwest.

Submit ideas for where Drip should go next on Facebook,  www.facebook.com/talkingrain, and Twitter, @driptalkingrain. For the person submitting a winning idea later made into a Drip video, a case of TalkingRain is the prize. The winner is also entered to win a Seattle barbecue set complete with umbrella.

TalkingRain employs about 150 people at offices six miles east of downtown Issaquah.

Issaquah duo Adamink’s new album explores depths of emotion

June 12, 2012

Adam Seyler digs deep to touch the tender side of love in newest CD, ‘To Be Continued’

Adam and Jennifer Seyler, members of Adamink, recently released their latest album, ‘To Be Continued.’ Contributed

The newest CD from a fusion band that features songs written and performed by two  Issaquah residents has been released.

“To Be Continued” features eight original tunes written and performed by Adam Seyler, with vocal harmony from his wife Jennifer and occasional percussion accompaniment from his brother Nathan. Thanks to advances in technology, Adam performs the lead vocals and plays saxophone, guitar and the keyboard.

A music critic from Los Angeles said Adamink delivers a sound that is both unique and somehow familiar, with smooth overtones reminiscent of music from Charlie Parker and the Eagles with cutting edge melodies that were influenced by songs from Prince and Soundgarden.

“Music is a huge part of who I am,” Seyler explained. “The words and melody captivate my creativity and give me the freedom to express who I am and who I want to become.”

Jazz great George Clinton heard some of the music from “To Be Continued” last year while the various tracks were being laid in the studio. He compared Seyler’s sax riffs to the legendary Charlie Parker, saying, “He rocks. Adam totally brought funky new layers to the songs of some of the great ones.”

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Off the Press

May 15, 2012

Tragedy yields changed perspectives

Warren Kagarise Press reporter

Memories from the afternoon remain fresh months after the last gunshots echoed across the Clark Elementary School campus, even as the incident recedes deeper into the past.

Downtown Issaquah transformed into a crime scene Sept. 24, as a gunman menaced residents and later died in a police shootout.

The incident receded into memory for most people not long afterward. Still, the investigation continued and throughout the process, the events from Sept. 24 remained close to me.

A stack of documents from the King County Sheriff’s Office investigation sits on my desk. Photos from the incident still flicker across my computer screen. I speak to sources about the investigation at least once each week.

The inquest into the incident starts May 21 at the King County Courthouse. I plan to report from the official inquiry into the event, too.

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King County Metro Transit warns riders to expect delays

May 1, 2012

NEW — 6 a.m. May 1, 2012

Issaquah residents commuting to or from downtown Seattle on Tuesday afternoon should prepare for delays, King County Metro Transit advised riders Monday.

Transit service — and all traffic — in downtown Seattle is likely to be delayed during the afternoon commute and into the evening due to a May Day march and other activities.

The transit agency alerted bus riders to prepare for transit service delays and possible reroutes. The changes could affect bus service on surface streets and possibly the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel.

One march is planned to depart the Central District at 5 p.m. and travel along South Jackson Street to Fourth Avenue to the Wells Fargo Building on Third Avenue between Madison and Marion streets.

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The myth of online privacy

April 24, 2012

By Kim Bussing Issaquah High School

From “keep out” signs swinging on our childhood bedroom doors to setting passcodes on our smart phones, personal privacy has always been regarded as something sacred.

While technological advances and judicial decisions further integrate privacy as one of our fundamental rights, it faces potential threats from the very devices and social networks that demand privacy.

Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook allow us to keep connected with relative ease and convenience. There’s no better way to get updates on homework, events and everyone’s spring break adventures than logging on to your preferred site; our lives are represented by timelines and tweets.

It can seem harmless, posting about the amazing ice cream you just had at the Ben and Jerry’s close to your house, or sharing your location when you head to Lincoln Cinemas to see “The Hunger Games.” And for the most part, it is. The likelihood of someone with malicious intent perusing your profile is slim, but updating statuses constantly or divulging personal information on one of these social media sites can undermine any efforts toward privacy.

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Follow precautions, rules as wildfire season starts

April 10, 2012

Though springtime rain continues to drench the ground, wildfire season starts April 15.

The date is mandated in state law. The state Department of Natural Resources reminds residents to be aware of how rapidly a cool, rainy spring can transition to warmer, drier conditions.

State summer fire rules go into effect April 15 and last through Oct. 15. These rules apply to the 12.7 million acres of forestlands protected from wildfire by the agency, including Tiger Mountain State Forest.

In fire season, people using motorized equipment in the woods must have approved spark arresters and follow fire safety precautions. Citizens working in the woods must have fire prevention and extinguishing equipment at the job site, in good working order, and staffers trained in proper use.

Residents can receive fire updates from the agency via Twitter, www.twitter.com/waDNR_fire, through the Fire Update, www.dnr.wa.gov/Publications/rp_fire_currentfireinfodailyupdates.pdf and the Incident Information System, www.inciweb.org/state/49.

Call 800-527-3305 toll-free for daily fire precaution levels listed by geographic region.

Get ready to spend as inaugural cash mob comes to town

April 10, 2012

Everybody perusing YouTube knows about flash mobs — people dancing en masse to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on public plazas, for instance — but a group of professionals is about to advance the concept in Issaquah.

Come April 16, business leaders plan to host a cash mob — a commerce-fueled cousin of ubiquitous flash mobs.

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Wanted: Locals’ 1962 Seattle World’s Fair memories

April 3, 2012

April 21 marks 50 years since the Century 21 Exposition opened — and transformed the Puget Sound region.

Though the fair unfolded 17 miles east, on the Seattle Center grounds, Issaquah residents headed to the expo in hordes.

Some Issaquah residents spent a summer working at the fair. Many more residents crossed Lake Washington to experience the fair’s futuristic fun.

Issaquah also greeted travelers as the Century 21 Exposition at a tourism station along U.S. Route 10, a precursor to Interstate 90.

Now, as the fair’s 50th anniversary approaches, The Issaquah Press is seeking Century 21 memories from local residents for upcoming coverage of the milestone.

Email your contact information to editor@isspress.com by April 18, or contact the newspaper on Twitter at www.twitter.com/issaquahpress, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/issaquahpress.

Longtime Issaquah chef Lynn Rehn rolls out food truck

March 27, 2012

Lynn Rehn stands beside her My Chef Lynn food truck, advertising its ‘fast, fresh, fabulous’ sliders, soups and salads, featuring items from Issaquah businesses Fischer Meats and Boehm’s Candies. By Greg Farrar

Lynn Rehn is poised to turn the phrase “fast food” inside out.

The popular caterer and longtime local chef is ready to roll out a food truck to serve sliders, chili and a side of sass. Double D Clam Chowder, anyone?

The mobile operation for Rehn’s My Chef Lynn outfit is the latest endeavor for the former Sweet Addition head chef. Rehn plans to join the food trucks each summer Saturday at the Issaquah Farmers Market. The truck could also stop at the Fremont Sunday Street Market.

The idea for a food truck started to coalesce after Rehn and husband Tony, general manager at Evergreen Ford in Issaquah, caught episodes of “The Great Food Truck Race” — a Food Network cross-country competition among mobile kitchens.

“I looked at Tony and said, ‘That would be a cool gig,’” Rehn recalled.

(“The Great Food Truck Race” debuted in August 2010 at about the same time the national fervor for food trucks accelerated into gear.)

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