Issaquah High School graduate Jennie Reed celebrates Olympic cycling medal

September 18, 2012

Jennie Reed, at the Marymoor Park velodrome in Redmond Sept. 14, holds her 2012 Olympic silver medal in team pursuit cycling. By Greg Farrar

As Olympic silver medalist and Issaquah High School grad Jennie Reed packs up her West Seattle home in preparation for a move back to the Eastside, she said she realizes moving will be a bit harder than she expected.

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Harvard grad leaves Microsoft to teach at Issaquah High School

September 11, 2012

Brett Wortzman, to give his students an idea of what it takes to write a program, pretends to be a computer that is being instructed to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Sept. 6 at Issaquah High School. By Lillian O’Rorke

A glob of peanut butter piles up on Brett Wortzman’s finger as students in his intro to computer science class shout commands at the man who left his job at Microsoft to become a teacher.

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Issaquah High School teacher researches at Fred Hutchinson

September 4, 2012

Tricia Vannoy counts bacterial colonies on an agar plate. Contributed

Most of the year Tricia Vannoy teaches at Issaquah High School, but this summer she got to be the student.

For two and a half weeks, she got to peer at chromosomes through a high-powered microscope and rediscover how to ask the questions that lay at the heart of science.

Vannoy was one of about 20 science teachers selected to spend part of their summer vacation working alongside scientists in laboratories at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Now in its 22nd year, the Science Education Partnership program invites educators to dive into real scientific research, learning concepts and techniques while trying out various lab kits to decide which ones to use in next year’s curriculum.

“Our goal is for teachers to bring back what they learn over the summer to help jumpstart their students’ knowledge of bioscience and research and perhaps kindle their interest in jobs or careers in science,” Nancy Hutchison, director of the program, said in a statement.

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Rowley Properties welcomes new employees

September 4, 2012

Ryan Scarnhorst and Marta McKie recently joined the Rowley Properties team.

Scharnhorst joined in April as a property accountant (residential and commercial). He is a certified public accountant and notary public, and holds a master of professional accountancy and a Bachelor of Arts in business from the University of Washington.

Scarnhorst’s most recent position was as controller for Fourpoints Outdoor, a multimillion-dollar advertising company.

Scarnhorst lives in Issaquah with his family and he’s also the treasurer for the South Cove Homeowner Association.

McKie joined in July as a residential property manager. She will be responsible for the Wildwood Apartment Homes, Kelkari and North Bend rentals, RV/storage and overall customer service. McKie’s most recent position was as the community manager for the Klahanie Homeowners Association.

McKie has 13 years of experience in operational and functional management for property and apartment communities.

She lives near Issaquah with her miniature greyhound, Rocket.

Issaquah brothers become brain surgeons for a day

August 28, 2012

Kunal Gupta (left) looks on as his brother Kanav uses a titanium drill on a plastic skull model. Dave Schinkel, a clinical specialist with the drill manufacturer, Medtronic, describes how the drill is handled during surgery. By Greg Farrar

Two Issaquah brothers were among those invited by the Swedish Neuroscience Institute to become brain surgeons for a day on Aug. 24.

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Brian Deagle is new Issaquah School Board president

August 28, 2012

Chad Magendanz has stepped down as president of the Issaquah School Board. Brian Deagle has been named Magendanz’s predecessor, effective immediately.

Brian Deagle

The announcement came at the end of the Aug. 22 school board meeting. Magendanz is running as a Republican for the 5th Legislative District seat in the state House of Representatives and cited the upcoming political debate season as his reason for passing the gavel.

“The only person who can really speak for the board is the board president,” he said. “And there was concern that there would be confusion when I talk in a debate as to who I’m speaking for — the board or myself.”

He added that the beginning of the school year seemed like the most logical point to step down.

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Quarterback Jake Heaps glad to be at Kansas, out of spotlight

August 28, 2012

Jake Heaps will sit out this year at Kansas after transferring from BYU. The Seattle Times

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Jake Heaps once commanded rooms the way only star quarterbacks can. Since his days at Skyline High School, his existence centered on the number one, a ranking given to him by recruiting sites.

He wasn’t just Jake Heaps; he was Jake Heaps, the former top-ranked quarterback prospect.

Now, at the University of Kansas, Heaps has no number attached to his name. In fact, this season will be lived mostly in the shadows.

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Off the Press

August 28, 2012

When news photographs whistled through wires

Our recent story about the book by Barry Sweet, the Seattle Associated Press photographer for more than three decades, brought back a lot of memories. I visited with Barry at the Issaquah Costco and enjoyed reliving old times.

Greg Farrar
Press photographer

Would you believe that once upon a time, it took 10 minutes to send one black-and-white photograph to newspapers across the country? And 40 minutes to send color?

While studying at the University of Washington, I landed a job in 1977 as one of five wirephoto operators at the Seattle bureau, working right next to Barry Sweet at the same desk and the same darkroom for two years.

A wirephoto — or Laserphoto — transmitter was about the size and weight of a carton of 10 reams of office paper. We typed a caption on sticky paper, put it on the margin of an 8-by-10 print, put it in the slot and pressed start.

The picture would slowly feed at an inch per minute as the laser would scan 120 lines an inch, turn the shades of gray into a constant rapid whistling of high- to low-pitched sound frequencies and send it across telephone lines.

Receivers at the nation’s newspapers would expose glossy thermal paper with synchronized lasers at the same time and spit out their reproductions when the transmission was done.

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College News

August 28, 2012

Amy Winter voted UW inspirational graduate

Amy Winter, daughter of Robert and Susan Schlilaty, of Issaquah, graduated with a degree in dentistry from the University of Washington in a ceremony at the Meany Hall Theatre on the University of Washington campus in June 2012.

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University of Washington students protest Palermo’s Pizza at Costco headquarters

August 28, 2012

University of Washington student activists rallied at Costco’s Issaquah headquarters Aug. 24 to protest the chain’s affiliation with Palermo’s Pizza.

The members of UW United Students Against Sweatshops, a labor rights group, demanded to meet Costco CEO Craig Jelinek to request the company end a contract with Milwaukee-based Palermo’s Pizza. The pizza maker is under criticism for labor practices at a Wisconsin plant.

Costco is a major purchaser of Palermo’s Pizza products.

“Costco, a company with an admirable record toward its own employees, has an opportunity to take a stand,” Leo Baunach, UW United Students Against Sweatshops member, said in a statement. “Costco should end their business relationship with Palermo’s and do right by the workers who are fighting for fair treatment in their workplace.”

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