Unpaid fines, fees impact Issaquah schools

June 25, 2013

Issaquah School District officials aren’t overly concerned with the number of items students failed to return when the school year ended, but the financial cost to the district — reaching into six figures — is a burden of sorts.

The district reports students owe more than $143,000 in unpaid fines and fees as of June 14. Thousands of students haven’t returned things like textbooks and uniforms, and others owe money for things like using classroom materials, damaging school property and collecting parking tickets.

The largest amount racked up among the district’s 24 schools is at Issaquah High School. The June 14 report from IHS claimed $38,275 in unpaid fines and fees, although the school’s bookkeeper said the number swelled to more than $42,000 because the due date for textbooks was June 20.

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