Issaquah schools win environmental award

May 20, 2014

The Issaquah School District was one of three districts in the state to earn a Washington State Green Leader Award in 2014.

Issaquah was recognized for reducing environmental impacts and costs through new programs. Examples include building stormwater retention ponds at schools to return cleaner water to aquifer systems; conserving water in irrigation practices; planting drought-resistant plants; and reducing idle times for buses to cut back on emissions.

The district has been tracking its monthly utility bills in recent years and has found energy consumption has decreased by 7.6 percent, even though its square footage has gone up nearly 30 percent.

Issaquah schools are recycling 49 percent of their materials, and they’ve reduced water usage by 40.4 percent since 2001.

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Liberty’s renovation is the talk of earth-friendly buildings

May 13, 2014

Liberty High School students are keenly aware their school is undergoing a major modernization project, but they might not know the intricate details about the new building’s environmental friendliness.

Liberty’s renovation was part of a large-scale discussion at the school last month when the school’s Sustainability Ambassadors hosted three assemblies about green-building practices.

The discussions, titled STAR Talks (Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating) were designed to give the student body a taste for what the new wave of building standards look like, particularly in regard to schools.

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