Annual math assessment graduation requirement amended

April 6, 2009

Students who earn two math credits after 10th grade no longer have to take a state math exam each year prior to graduation.

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Schools adjust schedules for WASL

March 11, 2009

NEW — 1:20 p.m. March 11, 2009

All Issaquah Schools will be on alternate schedules to comply with mandatory state requirements while students are taking the Washington Assessment of Student Learning exams March 18. 

To view the altered schedules go to and click on “WASL Wednesday, March 18″ under “March Links” on the right side of the Web page.

No more WASL test starting in 2010

February 3, 2009

Just a week into his new office, State Superintendent Randy Dorn ousted the Washington Assessment of Student Learning exam.

To the chagrin of many students, the changes won’t start taking effect until 2010 and beyond. Students will still take the WASL in March and April this year. Read more

Calendar revised for missed school days

January 12, 2009

While the snow made for an early start to students’ winter break, it doesn’t mean students don’t have to make them up.

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