Marijuana dispensary plan in historic downtown draws fire

August 13, 2013

A medical marijuana dispensary looks to open in Olde Town and residents are raising their voices in protest.

The Peaceful Choice, a medical marijuana collective garden, submitted an application that was completed July 10 to open within the Issaquah Court Condominiums, a mixed-use building housing both residential and commercial units.

Robin Brewer, president of the Issaquah Court Condominiums, in the 100 block of First Place Northwest, said she is very concerned by an application making its way through the city that would allow for the dispensary to open its doors on the building’s ground floor.

“When the city of Issaquah set up the zoning for this, they did not take into account that the library, train museum and senior center are all less than 1,000 feet from this proposed location and which fit the city’s own definition of a community center,” Brewer said.

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