Let’s Talk About It — What causes school shootings?

November 26, 2014

For decades, school shootings have plagued our country.

Zoe Buchli Beat reporter

Zoe Buchli
Issaquah High Schoo

In fact, since 1980, there have been more than 100 college and high school shootings recorded in the United States. There are a plethora of theories as to why they occur so frequently, but is there a single, definitive reason for these shootings or do they result from a complex combination of things?

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Teen Talk: How do you manage stress?

March 25, 2014

Issaquah High School

Zoe Buchli, junior

“I take a few minutes out of each day to go outside on my deck and meditate.”

Jasmine Vu, senior

“I make a playlist of calming songs and listen to them when I’m busy and need to de-stress.”

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